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A Triumphant Journey of Childhood Cancer Awareness

Utsuk Upreti
A young girl’s voice broke the silence, her question echoing in the room: “How does cancer take a life?” It hung heavy in the air, a stark reminder of the mission we were on. Armed with knowledge and fueled by purpose, we, the volunteers of Warmer Hearts Nepal, embarked on a journey to educate young minds about childhood cancer.

Our journey took us to Pathshala Nepal, Blooms Nepal School, Koseli School, and Vidhya Arjan Secondary School. We delivered impactful presentations, each tailored to the unique needs of the students.

At Blooms Nepal School, the remote location presented a logistical challenge. However, the students’ remarkable engagement, fearless questions, and eagerness to understand fueled our determination. A young boy’s repeated inquiries about bone marrow transplantation, driven by a personal connection to the disease, served as a powerful testament to the impact of our work.

At Koseli School, we encountered a different set of challenges. The students came from families with limited education, and bridging the communication gap required flexibility and sensitivity. By tailoring our approach and using their native language, we saw their apprehension melt away and replaced by curiosity and participation.

Across every school, we faced the obstacle of language. Recognizing this limitation, we adapted our presentations, using Nepali instead of English. This simple change transformed the communication dynamics, fostering understanding and creating a deeper connection with the students.

Our campaign wasn’t just about delivering information but about igniting hope and empowering the young minds we encountered. We witnessed the spark of curiosity in their eyes, heard the echo of their questions, and felt the weight of their responsibility. We may not know the immediate impact of our efforts, but we are confident that we planted seeds of awareness that will blossom into a brighter future for children facing this terrible disease.

The author is the son of a cancer survivor mother.


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